The National Gender and Development Focal Point System (NGADFPS), through the Gender and Development (GAD) Office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) organized a virtual Training on Gender-Responsive Behavior Changes to Address Climate Change last September 30 to October 01,  2021 via zoom platform.
Attended by RGAD-TWG Alternate Emma Deverala and Member Elsa Dolotina, said training aimed to enhance the skills of DENR Regional Gender and Development (RGAD) Focal Points and Information Officers in communicating the concerns on climate change to communities and influence their behavior to continue to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt a gender-responsive, climate-smart and resilient lifestyle given the urgency and rapid pace of climate change. As such, the need for new strategies to effect behaviorial change have been recorgnized that would appeal to people’s emotions, leveraging social norms, and the like were seen as potential paths for the more sustainable use of natural resources and curbing climate change impacts.