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OIC, RD Hernani G. Abdon attended the 1st Quarter Meeting of the RDC IX Economic Development Committee (EDCom) for CY 2022  via Zoom today.

In an email sent by Pedro Rufo N. Soliven, Chairperson of EDCom IX and Private Sector Representative (PSR) of the Regional Development Council (RDC IX), RD Abdon was requested to present the following:

      1.   Report on the:  (a) Status of Operation of Minahan ng Bayan in Region IX;  (b) Mining Operation in Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte; and (c) Status of the TVI Canatuan Project operated by TVI Resource Development (Phils) Inc. in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte; 

        2.   Latest Report on the Income Generating Activities of MGB-IX; and 

        3.  Open Pit Mining/Minahang Bayan as a bounce back strategy in response to the need for economic recovery as an aftermath to the COVID-19 pandemic  which seeks endorsement from RDC IX. 

 The presentation was requested as a result of previous discussions/meetings, to wit:

Item no. 1 emanated from the discussion during the PSRs meeting last August 24, 2021, and as such will be inviting PSR Rolando A. Soliva to join the EDCom meeting to be clarified on the issues and concerns on the mining industry in Region IX.  

Item no. 2 was a result of the agreements reached during the 4th Quarter RDC IX Development Administration Committee (DevAdCom) meeting in November 9, 2021, wherein DevAdCom recommended that MGB IX present a report of its income generating projects/activities during the EDCom IX meeting. The request had emanated from the discussion on government transparency, particularly the need for the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to include the income of some agencies from their operations in the annual estimation of the Gross Regional Domestic Product.  

And for item no. 3, EDCom members would like to be oriented on the DENR Administrative Order No. 2021-40 which was issued in December 23, 2021 entitled “Lifting of the Ban of the Open Pit Method of Mining for Copper, Gold, Silver and Complex Ores in the Country under DAO No. 2017-10, and Providing for Additional Enhanced Parameters and Criteria for Surface Mining Methods.”