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Members of the Regional Gender and Development Technical Working Group (RGAD-TWG) of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau-IX (MGB IX) as represented by Information Officer/RGAD-TWG Alternate Ms. Emma Deverala and Geologic Aide Maria Jessica B. Avecilla, participated in the zoom webinar hosted by the  Gender and Development Section, in collaboration with the Public Information Division of the Office City Mayor of Zamboanga on September 24, 2021.

With the theme "Women in Media on GAD Perspective", this webinar aimed to bring local media practitioners in one common goal in addressing their perceptions of gender in the media, recalibrate their practice so they do not perpetuate gender discrimination and consciously produce media content that will bring women’s issues to the core of national consciousness.

Topics discussed during the one-day activity include: GAD and its legal mandates, Women in the Frontline, GAD Basic Concepts, SOGIES, Gender-Fair Language and Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Ordinance and Women and Media.